What I Did in My Closet

I have this thing about matching.  It’s not a total obsession but, it’s there.  So when I looked at the pretty storage boxes in my closet, I sighed…..They are pretty but they are a hodge podge collection of mix matched hat boxes. In the 80’s these floral boxes were so charming but I’ve outgrown that look and I’m ready to move on and let go.

You might be thinking, “who cares, they’re in your closet and out of view!”  Well it always kinda bothered me.  This was not a priority mind you but it was always there.  I fantasized about gazing into my closet and seeing everything co-ordinated and then it dawned on me.  “Why not paint all these hat boxes the same color scheme?”  So I did and I love it.  Fresh and clean.  Take a look.

I used the Behr Marquee color sample jar of paint from Home Depot.  I had it on hand.  This sample size covers in one coat, it holds about 8 oz. of paint and it’s just a couple of dollars….perfect.

I had a few sample colors and I chose a pale grey blue and contrasted it with a light mocha beige.  These are my restful, beachy, pallet colors.  I had some plastic boxes, some Godiva chocolate boxes, fabric and cardboard floral boxes.  The paint went on easy and fast.  Clean up is with water. I did this project in an evening.  It was soooo easy!

Here are the before pictures.  Now they look like a matched set and when I go into my closet it feels peaceful instead of “busy”.  I use the boxes to store gloves, hair bows, travel items and any number of things I organize.  Hat boxes are not just for hats.  My closet is always evolving because closet contents do just that.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below!