The Secret of Life


Set the scene.

The musician and songwriter James Taylor sings a song called, The Secret of Life. The lyrics are simple but oh so wise. “The secret of life is enjoying the passing of time”. This resonated with me in my quest to fully enjoy the real journey of my life and my day to day existence. I knew that I needed to pay attention to the details of the things I do repeatedly.

I stopped by a friends house last week and when inside I immediately found I was experiencing the most lovely sensory overload. The air was sweet and citrusy, string quartet music was playing in the background and tea lite candles were flickering. Her diffuser was misting lemongrass and lavender essential oils and she was sipping orange blossom tea with honey. She explained that she was in the middle of paying her bills. She had set the stage for a dreary task. She had turned bill paying into a lovely experience. There she sat at her desk with her antique letter opener, postage stamp box and her favorite pen. I’m not kidding, she could have been the scene from a Hallmark card. She even looked the part wearing fuzzy slippers and a soft sweater. She did it right. It was enough to inspire me to go home and pay bills! She elevated something ordinary to a higher plane. It’s easy to do this when you:

1. Dress the part.

2. Set the stage by assembling all the necessary tools and props.

3. Evoke your 5 senses.

The way you handle the details will color your life and help you celebrate being alive. There are many things in life that we don’t have control over so, embrace the things you do have control over. You have power over your daily life to set up your protocols and by paying attention to details you will sail through your day with enthusiasm and grace instead of feeling fragmented. I will be sharing some of the lovely ways in which we can make the ordinary extraordinary in this blog. Live deeply and fully every single day. The secret of life is enjoying the passing of time.