The Rain

It’s been raining for days, and I love it. I have always loved the rain, so I’m a bit unusual that way.  I suppose I could blame that on being born in Scotland and living on that dark island for the first part of my childhood.

When the rain came on, it was my cue to bundle up my baby and go for a walk pushing my pram.  The pram (baby carriage, not a stroller) was from the U.K.  and it was waterproof.  There are “rules” for dressing a pram correctly, and my mother made sure that I knew the proper etiquette for pram use.  This included how to dress the baby for a pram excursion and what pram accessories were necessary, but that’s an interesting topic for another post.

Walking my baby in the rain always lulled her to sleep.  There is something about being cozy, the fresh air, the sound of the rain and the rolling of the pram down the sidewalk that magically produces slumber.

Here I am pushing my brother in his pram in Scotland (his was a Silver Cross).

Here’s my cutie in her pram (hers was a Marmet).  These prams were considered the “Cadillacs” of prams.

I have always loved the way the raindrops color the world differently.  Everything is brighter when wet, like a coat of varnish covering the world.  Then there are the water features that nature creates in puddles, rain gutters spilling over and little river lets running at the edge of the sidewalks.  Oh, and the sounds!  Rain hitting the roof, the glass, and the umbrella.  I love the pitter-patter.  Oh and the scent!  Who doesn’t love the smell of rain?  They even make scented candles called “rain”.

I had a home economics teacher who said, ” always buy a bright colored umbrella”.  Hers was a bright sunny yellow.  I followed her advice and have a few colorful umbrellas to choose from.  They do brighten up the grey days.

When I was in Paris, I was drawn to this umbrella shop called “Parapluies and Cannes”, which had an amazing window display.   Isn’t this gorgeous?  It immediately reminded me of the film, “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg”, one of my favorites.


I used to love watching the rain fill up my bird bath, and now I enjoy seeing the drops of water hit my swimming pool like thousands of diamonds showering from the heavens.  It’s amazing.So today I woke up to the rain.  Sadly, my babies are grown so there’s no one in the house to push in the pram or put galoshes on.  That’s okay though.  I headed off on my trail through these hills with my umbrella and my Border Collie, Nava.  The neighborhood had a shower, and the plants and flowers had a big drink.  I had my rain therapy.  I hope it rains again tomorrow…..

Nava waiting for her walk in the rain.