My Favorite Way to Create a Desk

Are you in need of a desk, a writing table or just a surface to place your computer on?  I have some great ideas for creating the perfect work surface.

Back in the 80’s, I came up with a built-in book shelf design using pre-made lower kitchen cabinets for storage and lots of book shelves that extended to the ceiling.  I topped the cabinets with wood and extended that wood to bridge two lower cabinets and created a built- in desk.   Here is an old photo of that project.

Decades later, I did something similar using two dressers that I connected with a piece of glass.  This made a great writing table.  Strips of wood were screwed to the sides of the dressers and the glass table top was slid in.  I loved the clean, light look and glass is so easy to take care of.  

In my San Diego home office, I have done the same thing only this time I used a narrower piece of glass and I fit it between a niche opening.  This niche was likely meant to slide in a book shelf or armoire, but it turned out to be the perfect space for me to insert a glass shelf to set my computer on.  I avoided having to see the unsightly cords because the back of the monitor is against the wall.  For this project I bought brackets from IKEA and screwed them into the back, side and center back wall.  The glass simply sits on top of the brackets.  The glass I ordered is 1/2″ thick and 55″ x 19″.  The custom cut glass was $85.00.  Be sure to ask the glass cutter to polish the outside edge.

I ‘m sure you can get creative using this idea.  If you have a vintage door or an old iron fence or headboard, you can use that as a writing surface.  Just have a piece of glass cut to  to lay on top of it.  One suggestion is removing sliding doors from a closet and creating a desk inside.   You could even keep the doors on and simply close them if you wanted to conceal  your work area.  Take a look at these images from Pinterest and feel inspired.

Your office or work space can be beautiful and functional.  Make it inviting so you enjoy sitting down to work.  Of course I would love to read about your ideas so drop me a line!