Diapers and Dirt, a Thing of Beauty


I absolutely love colorful, blooming hanging baskets but I have had my own number of “fails” and have ended up with dried-out dead disasters.  Even when I have diligently fed my flower baskets with fertilizer and food, the results have been mediocre at best.  BUT, I have finally discovered the reason I was so unsuccessful!  You see,  when I watered my baskets, the water would flow straight through to the bottom and out.  I thought I was watering enough but the baskets were not staying moist.  My soil and plants were still dry.  A few years ago I discovered the disposable diaper trick and it has made all the difference.

Soil needs water absorbing crystals, which are also found on the inside inside of disposable diapers.  Adding the water-absorbing particles from a diaper into your potting soil, will keep it moist and your plants happy.  Makes sense when you think about it, right?  There are a couple of ways that you can go about doing this.   One option is to place an open diaper in a container and slowly pour water on it. Remove the inside lining of the diaper and use the wet, absorbent, interior material to mix in with your potting soil.  Plant as usual.

Here is another method, step by step:  You will need a suitable container.  (I found this pretty bird cage at Ross and fell in love with it), some disposable diapers, (Dollar store), potting soil, Spagnum moss, and plants.

Assemble materials: container, moss, soil, diapers, plants
Layer moss on the bottom of your container  Layer open diapers on top of moss (fill in sides of container with more moss to contain soil)
Add soil and then plants.  Tuck some plants in sideways to encourage cascading from the side of the container.
A very curious Border Collie had to investigate
I’m ready to water and fertilize.

They are off to a good start!  Can’t wait for them to fill in.  You may also use those coconut fiber hanging basket liners and skip the moss.