Diapers and Dirt, a Thing of Beauty


I absolutely love colorful, blooming hanging baskets but I have had my own number of “fails” and have ended up with dried-out dead disasters.  Even when I have diligently fed my flower baskets with fertilizer and food, the results have been mediocre at best.  BUT, I have finally discovered the reason I was so unsuccessful!  You see,  when I watered my baskets, the water would flow straight through to the bottom and out.  I thought I was watering enough but the baskets were not staying moist.  My soil and plants were still dry.  A few years ago I discovered the disposable diaper trick and it has made all the difference.

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Discovering Nature’s Easter Egg Dyes

When I was in Art school I had an illustration teacher who brought a new dimension to the art experience.  He wanted us to know the paint and how it reacted to secondary elements.  For a watercolor assignment we were instructed to lay tape on our watercolor paper,  down and across to create a  grid of squares.   Continue reading “Discovering Nature’s Easter Egg Dyes”

What I Did in My Closet

I have this thing about matching.  It’s not a total obsession but, it’s there.  So when I looked at the pretty storage boxes in my closet, I sighed…..They are pretty but they are a hodge podge collection of mix matched hat boxes. In the 80’s these floral boxes were so charming but I’ve outgrown that look and I’m ready to move on and let go.

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Recuperating in My Sanctuary

I’m sick and unfortunately, that is the inspiration for this blog post.  So, you know that feeling when your throat feels a little scratchy and you let loose a few random sneezes?  Yeah, that one.  You’re not sure if it will morph into a full blown flu or cold.  Well, there is a narrow window of opportunity here to prepare for the worst.  It’s the pre-hunker down phase where you still have enough energy to arrange for your bed rest.  Now, some colds you can just work through but others, the ones that hit you like a ton of bricks, you have no choice.  Your body has been invaded and your energy level is zero.  This is the kind I’m talking about.  Continue reading “Recuperating in My Sanctuary”

The Rain

It’s been raining for days, and I love it. I have always loved the rain, so I’m a bit unusual that way.  I suppose I could blame that on being born in Scotland and living on that dark island for the first part of my childhood.

When the rain came on, it was my cue to bundle up my baby and go for a walk pushing my pram.  The pram (baby carriage, not a stroller) was from the U.K.  and it was waterproof.  There are “rules” for dressing a pram correctly, and my mother made sure that I knew the proper etiquette for pram use.  This included how to dress the baby for a pram excursion and what pram accessories were necessary, but that’s an interesting topic for another post.

Walking my baby in the rain always lulled her to sleep.  There is something about being cozy, the fresh air, the sound of the rain and the rolling of the pram down the sidewalk that magically produces slumber.

Here I am pushing my brother in his pram in Scotland (his was a Silver Cross).

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 The Secret of Life


Set the scene.

The musician and songwriter James Taylor sings a song called, The Secret of Life. The lyrics are simple but oh so wise. “The secret of life is enjoying the passing of time”. This resonated with me in my quest to fully enjoy the real journey of my life and my day to day existence. I knew that I needed to pay attention to the details of the things I do repeatedly. Continue reading ” The Secret of Life”