And The Winner Is …….

For 12 years I owned and operated a beautiful Inn on a bluff overlooking the sea in Mendocino, California.  Over time,  selecting just the right item for each cottage was fulfilling and gratifying.  When I found “a winner”, I was over joyed.

When it came to bath mats, we went through many rugs and mats searching for the perfect one.  Some were dense and plush but took hours to dry.  Some had rubber backing that crumbled off after several washings.  The rug had to be washable, needed to be white so it could be bleached if necessary, softness and durability were important and fast drying was mandatory.  And the winner is (drum roll….) TOFTBO  This mat is from IKEA and it has it all.  Although the price has slightly increased, they are still a bargain at $9.99.  I purchased dozens for my inn and my housekeeping staff were delighted at the easy care they offered.  I use them in my home and my children have them in their homes as well.

These mats come in a variety of colors .  They are micro fiber so they are soft.  I have a neutral colored one just inside my back door that serves as a doggie paw debris catcher.  They are great in the kitchen too.  Sizes are 20″x32″, 24″x35″, and 24″x47″ (12.99).  STOPP and slip underway can be placed under the mat for increased safety.  I have not had any trouble so I have not tried the underlay.  Let me know what you think!